Melissa and Doug Puzzles, Costco, First Class at the Masters

1. Melissa and Doug Puzzles- All of my children have enjoyed Melissa and Doug’s wooden puzzles as toddlers.  Many of the puzzles are now ripped, torn, the stickers have been ripped off, and the pieces have been teething soothers.  Howe


ver, my kids still love them.  My youngest who’s 2 1/2 loves the alphabet one.  We have about 20 letters (which is really good since we bought them in 2008- and it’s three kids later) that we can regularly find and Evelyn (my youngest) knows where each of the letters go.  She tries to put them in upside down, but she knows where they go on the board.  We sat and played with the alphabet puzzle today and she would “pretend” to put the pieces in the wrong spot.  It was darling.  Even though Melissa and Doug items are more expensive than the off brand items… 5 years later, it’s totally worth it.





2. Costco- Who doesn’t love Costco?  Ok, I actually know some people who do- either for the democratic owner or their prices (which aren’t always the lowest)… but I love it.  Costco is a treat for my family.  We live an hour away from the closest one so it takes a good half day to do the whole Costco experience.  Sure we spend hundreds of dollars, buy things we don’t really need, only get a couple of things we actually need, but I love all the STUFF!  When I win the lotto, I will go to Costco and spend it all!!!!


And who doesn’t love a $1.50 hot dog and soda??  I don’t get the hot dog, I go for the chocolate and vanilla swirl, but my daughters and husband love the hot dogs!

3. First Class at the Masters-  We followed the Masters a bit this weekend.  Their website was awesome.  I just want to say that Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera were awesome during the “sudden death” yesterday.  Scott came out on top after Cabrera barely missed a putt for birdie.  I think it would have gone in had the wind been blowing more… But they both showed great sportsmanship and it was a joy to watch!  Great job!

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